"One thing is for sure, Aziza Miller has not just released a great record, but is herself a great musician, songwriter, and artist deserving of all of the accolades to come with the release of THIS JOURNEY OF LOVE."

 — Harlem World Magazine (New York)

P r e s s


"She sure knows music. What is in evidence is a rare spark of pop brilliance ... an original sound that transcends musical categories. "
— Billboard


"Elegant, heartfelt and varied in its grooves, Aziza Miller’s The Journey of Love is a filler-free winner that should be a primer for recording artists today."

— A. Scott Galloway, The Urban Music Scene


"Aziza is simply captivating in her eclecticism and meticulous handling of this music.  Totally drenched in sophistication, there are no vanilla two or three-chord push-offs here. Music for the soul, the body, and the very air you breathe."

Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride


"This Journey of Love is a must-have CD!" 
Jeff Moses, WJMX-DB Smooth Jazz Boston Global Radio (Boston, MA)


"The lady incredible depth and talents she continues on a phenomenal musical Journey exquisite. I love Aziza Miller!"
— Dionne Maldonado, WFSS, 91.9FM (Fayetteville, NC) 

"Aziza Miller delivers a project that adult soul listeners will find a breath of fresh air.  She manages to bring rap, R&B and jazz together on an album that that balances seriousness, fun and sensuality, as well as consistent lyrical quality."

— Howard Dukes, SoulTracks (Detroit, MI)


"Aziza is charting a direction for jazz, while maintaining its defining aesthetic, that may well lead it back to its rightful place as America's popular music."
— Miles Willis, WPFW, 89.3FM (Washington, D.C.)


"Aziza has been blessed with the beautiful gift of creating powerful music; which is inspiring, motivating and soothing. Her piano artistry and her soulful voice can send you into dimensions of contemplation and realisation … and awakening."

— The Amsterdam News (New York)


"If Aziza’s performance at BAM Café was any indication, reinvention has only made her artistry flourish. She bathed BAM Café in a post-Valentine’s Day glow with  a set of original songs that exhibited her range as a singer, songwriter, musician, and band leader. "

PopMatters (New York)


"(Aziza's) voice is as wonderful on this set as on anything we've heard from her, and with her depth of talents on the piano & keys, and on the songwriting tip, she's a real creative force at the top of her game here! "

— Dusty Groove (Chicago)

Fan Reviews of Aziza at City Winery Atlanta  / May  22, 2017

Attended Aziza Miller's debut concert in Atlanta at The City Winery last night. Oh my GOD, can this sister play that piano and SANG like you never heard!! She is incredible. She is so versatile playing Stevie Wonder, Ladies of J to the A with a double Z, Horace Silver and Natalie Cole!! If you ever hear of her performing anywhere ... bet not miss her again!!! Thank you Aziza Miller for giving us an absolutely amazing performance. Make sure you purchase her latest CD "This Journey of Love" ... the perfect blend of musical artistry.

Sandy Rogers (Blogtalk Radio)


Glenita Norwood

Thanks Aziza for an AWESOME evening! Ray and I really enjoyed every moment. (Your concert was one of his birthday presents).) You did not disappoint. See you next time!

Stacha Turner

Aziza blew the roof off the place and we were there front and center to witness the magic! 

Dennis Johnson and Ragan Whiteside


Fan Reviews of Aziza at Iridium / March 21, 2017 

The incomparable Aziza Miller.  A show that brought the crowd to a standing ovation begging for more!

Lisa Cutner-Piernot


You ROCKED and JAZZED the house at the Iridium last night Aziza! Thanks for a great show!  Aziza wore out them 88's!

Mark Anthony Lee

Absolutely Fabulous!!

Akua Dixon


The Amazing Aziza Miller!  Great evening with wonderful friends, what a great time!!

Jim Pinkston 


The next time you hear Aziza Miller is going to be ANYWHERE show up pronto! You can get her CD's on line!

Janice Marie Robinson

A super terrific show, you are a Superstar, KEEP up the good work.

Tony Sundiata Maye 

Photo credits:

Top: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo. Bottom: Lisa Cutner-Piernot. 

Fan Reviews of Aziza at Iridium / October 6, 2016 

I SO enjoyed watching you do YOUR THANG last Thursday night at The Iridium! I'm thrilled that I was finally able to catch it! I especially liked "Great Ladies of Jazz" and (of course) "Say Yes" — how exciting that I got to know that song before it was all the way completed! Congratulations on everything and keep doing you!

—Rhonda Ross


I had a complete and utter out of body experience listening to The Empress of Music, the one and only Ms. Aziza Miller. If you don't know her, do yourself a favor and find her music. She will make you a believer and you can thank me later. Plus I hung out with friends and shared heart stories and fun. Can't wait for the next time!!!

—Tanesha Sheilds-Hembrey

Aziza Miller with special guest Rob Yancy. 

Fan Reviews of Aziza at The Blue Note / August 8, 2016 

Aziza is fantastic! Very, very talented. She deserves to be among the stars. I pray it's her time. She certainly shines.

Joshie Armstead


Aziza is truly a work of art! Her personality, love, and realness are insurmountable!

—Nella Larsen


This woman is a beautifully talented, singer, songwriter, composer, pianist and all around exceptional performer. She is a force to be reckoned with.

—Ayesha Howell-Blake


Thank you for a wonderful Performance at The Blue Note! That was my first time seeing you and you got a new fan for life. Keep doing your thing!

—DJ Frankie Paradise


Aziza is such a joy. She lifts the Spirit to greater heights every time I see her!

—Jamie Patterson


Your show absolutely blew me away.  I cannot believe how talented you are.  I felt so emotional the entire time! I'm happy to say I'm officially an Aziza groupie!! You are beautiful, confident, inspiring. You are everything. 

—Elizabeth Purcell


Aziza did the damn thing! Very impressive body of work.

—MonRay Francois


THIS LADY ROCKED US! She commanded the room at the Blue Note.  Her new music is amazing! 

—Phil Geston

Fan Reviews of Aziza at Iridium / March 24, 2016 

Aziza, you were amazing. Your music is in a class by itself. The music, the lyrics, the arrangements, the delivery, your patter ... watching you play the piano in itself is a real treat. Add all the rest and ... WOW!

Janice Marie Robinson


Show at Iridium was Smashing!!! Ferocious!!! Arrangements OFF THE CHAIN!!! Thanks for your Talent!!!

—Harvey Divine Grate


Classic, Classy and Compelling. Aziza Miller, a top notch performer, your voice, piano and songwriting ... undeniable treasures. Your story ... honest, vulnerable and liberating. Thanks Aziza. Classic, Classy and Compelling. You are therapy to my soul.

—Maverick Gaither


Your show last night at the Iridium was Amazing, especially your song "A Song for My Friend" a tribute to your friend, the late great Natalie Cole!! I enjoyed the show ... looking forward to seeing you perform in the future.

—Cindy Twin


Aziza Miller and her stellar band and singers put on an amazing show at the Iridium. They brought the FIRE!!!

—Lebab Fallin

We showed up and Aziza showed out!

Renee Meekins


My beautiful Diva friend Aziza Miller was phenomenal this evening. You did the damn thang! Excellent performance.

—Bethrotha Parner-Harris


Aziza was wonderful ... Very emotional for me when she did the song for my girl Natalie.

—Selene Golding

Fan Reviews of Aziza at Sugar Bar / November 14, 2015 

Girl. Your show was so fabulous. So professional. You have so much talent and really worked that keyboard. So glad I came.

—Muntu Law


Aziza your style and passion illuminated the Sugar Bar stage. Thank you for a Stellar performance. " #positivemusic

—Tony Whitfield


Enjoying an amazing performance by my former teacher Aziza Miller! Thanks for being such a huge inspiration to me and to my singing and for sparking my interest in jazz music that I now am so in love with:-) #divasdontapologize.

Grace Maffucci


Darling Aziza! You are outstanding!  It's an honor, and inspiration to sing with you. Thank you for being YOU!

—Valerie Ghent

Fan Reviews of Aziza at Blues Alley / July 26, 2015 

I've been waiting for this show and Diva was magical.

—Michael Lewis


Aziza Miller was great!

David Quintana Sr.


Aziza Miller, the shining star that she is, really illuminated center stage last night at Blues Alley by eloquently expressing a passion for performing positive music with style and grace.

Tony Whitfield


Aziza Miller turned things UP last night in WDC. Piano Virtuoso, self made Diva, spoken word artist & composer. She payed tribute to Stevie Wonder, Monk and Natalie Cole. Making new fans with Every Note. Amazing show!

Frank Sheffield

Fan Reviews of Aziza at Iridium / June 30, 2015 

I was there to see Natalie Cole come forward to give gratitude to Aziza Miller who was the first conductor of Natalie's orchestra. Natalie called Aziza forth at Town Hall on Sunday for a duet on "La Costa" and then she appeared with Aziza for Aziza's set at the Iridium on Tuesday night. Here are two great divas for your listening pleasure. Besides being an excellent songwriter, arranger, conductor and vocalist, Aziza can master that piano! Aziza wrote the music and Natalie wrote the lyrics.

—Askia Davis Sr.


My dear Aziza, each time that I am blessed to be present at one of your live performances, my spirit soars!! You did it again, last night, at the Iridium!! Every song, every arrangement was magical!! I could not sit still because you, and your fantabulous band, were ROCKIN' IT!!

—Connie Stewart


If you weren't there, you missed something indescribably wonderful and amazing — the maestra, the incomparable musician, composer, lyricist, poet, pianist, performer — Aziza is — and I give thanks to the creator for making her so. 

—Barbara Milton


Aziza Miller was magnificent!!! The band was killer, and a special performance by Natalie Cole was the topper!!!

—Gary Mortoro


The Iridium was jam-packed from pillar to post last night as my friend Aziza gave a show for the record books. Looking ever radiant and sporting a fab new do, she elegantly entered the stage in a dark blue silvery mini dress reminiscent of designer Fabrice, (displaying legs that went on forever!), and opened with a Stevie Wonder tribute medley before going into some songs from her new CD What's On Your Mind.

—Mark Anthony Lee 

Tonight was all about the gift of music. Earlier this evening, Aziza Miller presided at the Iridium. Two sets. Two standing ovations. She performed selections from her latest album WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND, plus brand new compositions and her arrangements of Monk ("'Round Midnight") and Stevie ("Knocks Me Off My Feet"). As always, she knocked US off OUR feet! She's such an incredible, dynamic artist. There was also a very special guest in the house — Natalie Cole — who joined Aziza on "La Costa." As many of you know, Aziza composed the music and Natalie wrote the lyrics for that song, which Natalie first recorded on her THANKFUL (1977) album when Aziza was her conductor/MD/pianist. It was sooo incredible to see the two of them perform the song TOGETHER, and to see the mutual love and respect shroud that stage! It was also a treat to share the experience with so many wonderful folks in the audience, including Alfa Anderson and Keith Fluitt, who both sang background vocals with Mike Hammond on WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND. (Mike and Ramona Dunlap held down the backgrounds tonight.) There was singing onstage AND at my table ... truly the best seat in the house! Congratulations Aziza! Encore!

—Christian John Wikane


Photos: Aziza Miller at Iridium Jazz Club in NYC / June 30, 2015.  Special Guest appearance by Natalie Cole.

Fan Reviews of Aziza at Blues Alley / January 2, 2015 

Aziza Miller turned out Blues Alley! Two packed-out shows. Aziza is most definitely the First Lady of Electrified Funky Jazz. This is the only way to describe this classy, down-to-earth, gifted artist. 

—Howard  Peter Dingle Tattletale


I was honored to meet Aziza last night. This woman's music and stage presence was music to my ears! For those of you who have not heard of her, please get to know her and start grooving to her music. 

—Sherri Thompson


Awesome show last night at Blues Alley. Gurlfriend, you did your thang!  D.C. is a better place for it. 

—Silko Thomas

Aziza with Dahlia Minnette (l) and Silko Thomas (r). 

Fan Reviews of Aziza at BAMcafé / December 5, 2014 

Ms. Aziza Miller should not be denied.  Her delivery and message in the music is superb.  Her playing is solid, frightfully fresh, and relentless.  She plays that instrument like the best of them.

Decatur St Jenkins


Awesome show last night!

Be'nard Giles


Aziza, you transcended sound at BAMcafé tonight ... amazing!

Thomas Paul


Not just the Best Black Piano Player!Just simply THE BEST!

Vernon M. Byron 

Photos: © 2014 Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

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